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Senior Member

689 Posts

Posted - Jul 03 2018 :  00:54:27  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is an 18" x 22" painting of young woman. At first glance, it seems to appear as a gouache, but has a bit of impasto, similar to oil. The surface seems chalky. It is under glas.
I can't figure out the signature. Of course, when someone figures it out, it will jump right off of the painting.
I appreciate your help. It is a lovely painting, to me.
Best regards, members,
Jimmy N.


hercules brabazon
Senior Member

United Kingdom
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Posted - Jul 05 2018 :  09:14:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"E Doorenbos": who turns out to be the Dutch singer Eddy Doorenbos
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Senior Member

689 Posts

Posted - Jul 05 2018 :  14:22:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

You did it, again.
How, on earth, did you find, 'Ed doorenbos'? A singer?
The painting is, actually, quite interesting.
How fun. Thank you, so much.
(This is a good reason for this forum to exist. I agree, it may not be 'fine' art, but it is interesting for those who can't afford Picassos.)
I'm very appreciative.
Best Regards,
Jimmy N
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Junior Member

United Kingdom
123 Posts

Posted - Jul 05 2018 :  16:41:02  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"I agree, it may not be 'fine' art, but it is interesting for those who can't afford Picassos."

Of course that painting of yours was interesting. But you're talking as if it should be apologised for and/or that it would/should be dismissed here as not being worth attention, when that's absolutely not the case! It has quality, and more to the point, it's been painted with integrity. No-one would/should dismiss that. But for the record, while that isn't necessarily the case with all work presented here or seen in real life etc, what can unavoidably be found terribly disheartening in practice (everywhere) is not that people don't know things or that they aren't collecting Picassos (as if!) but that too many are quite frighteningly unable to see the difference not just between the good and the better, but between the sublime and the grotesque. It makes everything to do with paintings so much ore difficult and can be quite heart breaking actually!

That painting of yours was obviously by a known artist, though, the issue was just re who they were, which you've now discovered.

And just for the record, as well, re your reference to Picassos, it's exactly what I'm talking about above that allows idiots to think they really can afford to collect the likes of the "Picassos" that are proliferating everywhere and which are being bought at the expense of real art.

Edited by - Job on Jul 05 2018 16:55:41
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Senior Member

689 Posts

Posted - Jul 05 2018 :  22:57:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thanks, Job,
For sixty years, I have collected art, of all kinds. The 'rarest', or most expensive, art that I have discovered in shops and auctions, we're purchased, honestly, because I loved them.
Many pieces that I have, in my accumulation of 'stuff', I wouldn't dare place on a forum, or submit to an auction house. The paintings are exposed to some 'connessuers', who makes more of a 'guess', than I do, without much of a discovery process (usually, based on their personal knowledge, not on research). I also risk (as has happened to me) having someone say that they would have passed up a certain painting I submitted, saying that they wouldn't buy it, even if it were offered to him in a thrift shop.

I have a painting, which I believe was painted by Daniel Zuloaga, the uncle of Ignacio Zuloaga (Spanish painter). Ignacio was the star of the Zuloaga family. Daniel's paintings, as well, are only found in museums. I have had the painting for over fifty years. It has become an ongoing running joke as to whom I will next approach with this extraordinary work of art. I've not had anyone say it isn't by Daniel Zuloaga. Anyone with any clout, will not commit themselves to authentication of it. I have not contacted the museum in Chicago. I understand they have a Daniel Zuloaga painting, and, supposedly an expert who deals with Spanish fine artists. The Zuloaga family, in Spain, says that they have no record of the painting I have, being done by Ignazio Zuloaga, but will not peruse their records. They are just responding, without too much interest. It could, even, have been done by Ignazio.
I showed the painting to David McCarron, of 'Antiques Roadshow', when they came to the midwest. He said, "if it was painted by one of the Zuloagas, it would be $100,000+.
He loved the painting. The painting has now been in a bank vault for fifty years. What, on earth, do I have to do, to create an interest, enough to have a 'yes', or 'no', from someone who knows enough about a famous artist. Would it be easier to spend $5,000, to get an answer - evidently. I am including an attachment of a photograph of my "Daniel Zuloaga" painting. Does one of the members of this forum know who I can speak to (maybe at the museum in Chicago?), about the painting, without, instantly, authoritatively, condemning it's genuineness?

I realize, because of fakes, copies, etc,, there are many reasons for experts, and 'connesuers', to be cautious, but who is willing to realistically be objective about possibly unique, valuable art? One who does not, impulsively, give unfavorable answers.

I have remained loyal to this site, because I have learned a great deal from it, sometimes concerning really great art. I also, however, hear people referring to the forum as being 'watered down' with not-so-rare art. They are not all Picassos! I, even at my age, want to hear about all types of art. It has helped me not to spend money on inferior pieces.

Sorry to rattle on, but I am very loving of art, and I look for the positives, and those who have patience for the 'ametuer', like me. I have to admit, I have responded to many members' inquiries, but never with a condescending manner, or without being fairly sure of my responses.

Best regards to all members,
Jimmy N

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