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Senior Member

689 Posts

Posted - Sep 07 2018 :  03:41:55  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I feel that this is a 19th century fine artist. The image size is 27" x 32" (approximately).
There is a sticker (upper reverse), which reads, "The Apothecary, by E. Hinck-mann". Looking up, "Hinck-mann", I find no artist who comes close to that name. On a hunch, because there is a dot between the two last names, I searched the interet for the last name, "Mann".
I found an Edward Mann, whose style is peculiarly similar. The shadings and highlights on glassware and jugs were spot on. I believe this artist could be Edward Mann.

Then, I discovered the signature (center right). It seems to read, H. McKinney???
Please see my photographs, to see if you might be able to help me.
This is a fine painting. The label on the back, could be a guess, or maybe there is an, "E. HINCKMANN". Edward Mann fits, as far as style (interiors), but, I'm confused with the actual signature. If you'll notice, there is writing slightly to the left and above the signature.
Thank you, for any help you might be able to give me. I would be so appreciative, for even the slightest bit of help.
Best regards,
Jimmy N.


Senior Member

689 Posts

Posted - Jan 13 2019 :  03:06:28  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear members,

Sorry to bump this painting, but it was brought to my attention that it might have been painted by "Edward Mann". Some of his paintings are very, very, similar. Is there any similarity in signatures?

I really appreciate your input on this one. I think it just might be a good find, aND a sleeper. It is so well painted. It is quite large intricately detailed.

Thanks, again, for your help!
Best Regards,
Jimmy N
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Senior Member

689 Posts

Posted - Jul 09 2019 :  03:17:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear members,

I sometimes don't post when I discover a painter.
This was a confusing mystery, because the painting was signed, "E. HINCK-MANN”.
His actual name is 'Edward Mann', British artist.

I thank those who tried to help. I couldn't figure the first part of the last name - 'Hinck'.
I've always appreciated your help.

Thanks, again.

Jimmy N
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Gold Member

1898 Posts

Posted - Jul 10 2019 :  12:35:38  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear Jimmy,

You don't tell how you came to the conclusion that your painting is by Edward Mann.
The painting is not signed E. HINCK-MANN; that name is written on a label on the stretcher, and such can be very misleading.

The signature on the painting has a first name which looks like Lo[dIwig (or Ludwig - there is an empty space where the D should b), and then the last name is H - -ck - - - -. It could very well end with “mann”, but it is not obvious.

Furthermore I don’t think the style matches that of Edward Mann in the few examples I have seen of his genre paintings. They are more crude than yours; not as fine brush strokes and the colors do not blend as well.


EDIT: I could very well be wrong about the first name being Ludwig - it could be a title. You should study the signature with a loupe and also try to make some sharp photos of it.

I recommend the Art forum at BidtoArt.com

I am webmaster on this - it is NOT my site: Art Talk - Lectures about art

Edited by - Vietato on Jul 10 2019 12:52:51
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Senior Member

689 Posts

Posted - Jul 11 2019 :  00:45:05  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dear Vietato,

I, certainly, see what you mean about 'Edward Mann's' paintings. They seem very crude, compared to this one. Sometimes you grab at a possibilities, rather than pay attention to the facts. The painting tells such a wonderful story, I am intrigued who the artist may be.

The more I look, I see something else - It almost seems like it reads, ”H McKinry", or "H McKennri". Maybe I am, again, guessing.

I, now, see the word, 'Lo*dig'' (could it be Lord?).
I have done this searching, throughout my life, and truly love the challenge.

I believe you may be correct, that could be a title! It seems a little too far from the second line of letters to be part of the name.

It is so beautifully painted, I know the artist must be known. This is much too 'put together', to be an amatuer. I shall, also, take better photos of the signature.

Thank you for replying. It is very nice of you, to be concerned.

My collection is so eclectic, I have learned a great deal about all aspects of art.

My father used to say to me, "By the time you get good at a task, the job is over".
That is probably true for 'Life', as well.

I will continue to check this signature - I am a very persistent person. There are quite a few paintings that I have been researching, including a, possible, Rockwell Kent. When I was an entertainer, for years, I would buy art in my travels, send them home,
and research them when I had time. The problem is that I bought much more than I researched. I am overwhelmed!

Thanks again!
Jimmy N

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Senior Member

689 Posts

Posted - Aug 17 2019 :  03:24:31  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm sorry to bump this post, but I think that "Vietato" was right, saying that the signature, on the front, does not, in any way, match the name written on the reverse of the painting.
The name on the front, looks as though it reads, "H McKinnon", or, "H Mckinnsey?". There is another name slightly above, and in front of the name, which could either be a first name, or maybe a title.

I am posting some new pics of the signature, to see if it might trigger a thought, to one of the members.

This painting, I believe, has great quality, and should be recognizable to someone.

Forgive me, if I'm being too persistent. I feel that this is a fine, museum quality, work of art. I tend to think that it is important - I just have that feeling.

I've taken the best photos I can, with my equipment. I may just have to use a higher quality camera.

Thank you, for your indulgence,
Best Regards,

Jimmy N

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