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I have a very old painting from the “boot” of Italy.
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Fakes on Live Auctioneers10030,747
For some time I have been searching artworks on Live Auctioneers, and I see that several American auctioneers are selling fakes on a regular (that is weekly or even daily) basis.

can anybody tell me what happen to this forum, it used to be really nice art forum but it turned in to... forum, is it only me feeling this way ? does Admin control the contents of the posts ? if something posted here its not an art should not be removed ?

Admin please. Bug in the advanced search area693,992
Hello! There is a serious problem in the Advanced search area. For example I serched for Sla*n and was rewarded with 726 results in 25 pages. But the first page displays only 6 results and clicking on the page 2 leads to a "sorry no result for "sla*n. [?] Many thanks

The second Old Drawing!6410,519
Paper 145x230 mm (consist of four papers glued). Watermark (crown, circle, letter ´´V´´) Maybe someone knows the watermark? What do You think about it ? Thank You in advance for Your comments. Bohdan. Attached Photos: Front, UVfront, Watermark.
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