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Possible Picasso book???426,956
My name is Chris and I have in my position an old book called fabbro moderno by L.Picasso.... editore Antonio vallardi Milano. I would like to ask for more information, if you pleased, about the author and generally the book. Is it posible the book author (L.Picasso) real name is Pablo Picasso. It compose only 24 tables designs-drawnings.

Hello, I have just purchased an oil on canvas painting, signed & dated 1685. Most the item I buy I just sell on, with damage, but I feel restoration may do this oil painting justice... I do not know if this is a genuine 17th C Century oil painting or not, although I know it has some definitive age. I firstly need to verify it´s age and the artist, if anybody has any opinions on this please tell me... Also, I need to know if it is worth restoring, I would think a bit of over painting would be a nice touch, and maybe a light clean, if I was required to seek somebody to over paint this, what would be a fair price to pay? All opinions and help would be very much appreciated. - Antique_Fine_Art - Bargains To Be Had eBay Shop :

Columbus Reception/Sotheby´s opinion324,069
Hello everyone. [8)] I need your opinion with this painting that I got from my Grandparents. - Oil on panel. - Purchased in France (Bordeaux) between 1933 and 1960. - Dimension 12 in X 8 - No signature. Thank you for any help. Marie This is the Flick link for bigger pictures: finally got my blacklight (UV light) All the new paintings in the house are glowing. Strangely the Columbus under blacklight looks very uniform and the subjects almost disappear under a green layer. No retouch at all... No colors ... no white.. Any comments? Impossible to do pictures of it. If somebody know a way... Thank you for any comments...

Antique Oil on Academy Board Seascape468,862
Hello everyone! I got this antique impressionistic oil on academy board seascape painting (measuring 12X4,5 inches) that seems to be unsigned and I’m not quiet sure what to make out of it. So any of your thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Merray.

Help To Recognize an Artist...321,771
If someone could help me to recognize this beautiful oil painting artist, I will appreciate it. The signiture is: "Ronald", like at the pictures attached. Thanks Avi
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