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Pre Raphaelite oil painting9528,977
Please could somebody help me to identify the attached oil painting it is very old and does not have a signature that we can see. It is also quite large. (120cm x 80cm) Unfortunatley it is damaged. Please see end of thread i have managed to take photos in better lighting conditions

Old charcoal drawing woman with helmet who ?304,476
Hello bonjour Has somebody an idea of the artist . Very old charcoal drawing on vergé paper with a water mark ( see jpeg4 in tranparency ) representing a woman with a helmet and a bird ( dove ? ) on it . Could be a symbol of the peace . I think of a néo classical french artist of XVIII cent like David or Delacroix but it could be older or from a different country . could be also a study for a painting it reminds me something ... surely not Picasso ! dimensions 23,5 x 30 cm . thanks in advance for yr help regards

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This painting was found in an attic in Connecticut in the 70´s. Oil on canvas, approx 6ft x 4.5 ft We know nothing for sure about it. I´ve had Sotheby´s, Bonham´s, and many other places and people take a look and nobody can recognize the monogram. General consensus is that it´s European (German or Eastern possibly) and late 1800´s. But at the same time some people think possibly American and also possibly Masonic. ANY help or opinions are welcomed! Even just deciphering the letters. I see either D W E or L W E
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Possible Picasso book???427,010
My name is Chris and I have in my position an old book called fabbro moderno by L.Picasso.... editore Antonio vallardi Milano. I would like to ask for more information, if you pleased, about the author and generally the book. Is it posible the book author (L.Picasso) real name is Pablo Picasso. It compose only 24 tables designs-drawnings.

Hello, I have just purchased an oil on canvas painting, signed & dated 1685. Most the item I buy I just sell on, with damage, but I feel restoration may do this oil painting justice... I do not know if this is a genuine 17th C Century oil painting or not, although I know it has some definitive age. I firstly need to verify it´s age and the artist, if anybody has any opinions on this please tell me... Also, I need to know if it is worth restoring, I would think a bit of over painting would be a nice touch, and maybe a light clean, if I was required to seek somebody to over paint this, what would be a fair price to pay? All opinions and help would be very much appreciated. - Antique_Fine_Art - Bargains To Be Had eBay Shop :
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