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6 months ago
I have two paintings by E Bahr. I am in the US. I understand that most collectors of Bahr’s work are in Europe. Any suggestions as to who in the US might be interested in these paintings?
4 months ago
It's excellent that you have paintings by E. Bahr and are considering potential avenues for their sale in the US. To begin, finding a private collector or gallery that specializes in European art or artists such as E. Bahr may be beneficial.
Here are some suggestions:
Fine Art Dealers and Galleries: Contact art dealers or galleries specializing in European art, particularly those with a focus on artists from the region where E. Bahr is prominent. These entities may have connections with collectors interested in acquiring works by this artist.
Art Exhibitions and Fairs: Attend art exhibitions or fairs featuring European art, where you may be able to network with collectors and dealers specifically interested in the genre and region associated with E. Bahr.
Online Art Platforms: Consider listing the paintings on reputable online art platforms that cater to collectors and buyers of European art. Platforms such as Artsy, Saatchi Art, or even specialized European art forums and marketplaces may help connect you with potential buyers.
Art Appraisers and Auction Houses: Consult with art appraisers who specialize in European art to understand the potential market value of the paintings. You might also explore the option of consigning the paintings for auction through reputable auction houses that handle European art.
Local Art Communities: Engage with local art communities or societies that focus on European art. They may be able to provide insights or connections to individuals or organizations interested in collecting works by E. Bahr.
By employing these strategies, you may successfully attract the attention of US-based collectors or entities with a specific interest in European art, including works by E. Bahr.
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