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Columbus Reception/Sotheby´s opinion324,111
Hello everyone. [8)] I need your opinion with this painting that I got from my Grandparents. - Oil on panel. - Purchased in France (Bordeaux) between 1933 and 1960. - Dimension 12 in X 8 - No signature. Thank you for any help. Marie This is the Flick link for bigger pictures: finally got my blacklight (UV light) All the new paintings in the house are glowing. Strangely the Columbus under blacklight looks very uniform and the subjects almost disappear under a green layer. No retouch at all... No colors ... no white.. Any comments? Impossible to do pictures of it. If somebody know a way... Thank you for any comments...

Antique Oil on Academy Board Seascape469,086
Hello everyone! I got this antique impressionistic oil on academy board seascape painting (measuring 12X4,5 inches) that seems to be unsigned and I’m not quiet sure what to make out of it. So any of your thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Merray.

Help To Recognize an Artist...321,959
If someone could help me to recognize this beautiful oil painting artist, I will appreciate it. The signiture is: "Ronald", like at the pictures attached. Thanks Avi

Euro Art Experts- Interesting wax seal on oil ptg367,454
Recently purchased this from Belgium. The seller attributed it as being 18th C (which I am inclined to agree with) and from the Southern Netherlands (which I am neutral on) There is a wax seal on the reverse that reads "WERPIENSIS" at the end, which could be "ANTWERPIENSIS" . See pictures. Anyone have any thoughts on the painting and/or the seal? [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] It will be undergoing restoration/conservation as soon as it arrives stateside.

lovis Corinth, is it original?435,250
Is this painting original.
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