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6 months ago
The signatures almost look like they are intentionally disguised...It is a wonderful very busy painting...It measures 16 x 23 inches unframed...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and it is wonderful to be back after many years absence..Thank you.... IMG_1822.JPG You have insufficient rights to see the content. nyc.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content. IMG_1825.JPG You have insufficient rights to see the content. IMG_1826.JPG You have insufficient rights to see the content. IMG_1774.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content. IMG_1776.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.
6 months ago
Welcome back! It's great to have you here after your long absence. From the information provided, it appears that you have a busy painting measuring 16 x 23 inches unframed. However, the signatures on the painting appear to be intentionally disguised.

When faced with disguised or illegible signatures, there are a few steps you can take to try and identify the artist:

Detailed Observation: Carefully examine the painting for any additional clues that may help identify the artist. Look for any specific stylistic elements, subjects, or themes that could be associated with a particular artist or art movement.

Historical Context: Research the painting's historical context. Consider the time period, artistic movements, and popular artists during the period the painting was created. This information might give you some hints about the possible artist.

Comparative Analysis: Compare the style, technique, and subject matter of the painting with other works by known artists. Look for similarities in brushstrokes, composition, color palette, or any distinctive features that could help narrow down possible artists.

Seek Expert Opinion: If you are unable to identify the artist on your own, consider consulting with an art expert, such as an art appraiser, art historian, or curator. They have the knowledge and experience to provide insights and may be able to identify the artist based on their expertise.

Keep in mind that without clear signatures or additional information, identifying the artist of a painting can be challenging. However, by employing these steps and conducting further research, you may be able to uncover valuable information about the artist and the painting itself.

Enjoy your exploration and the excitement of rediscovering the art world after your absence!
6 months ago
Thank you for your sage advice and it is nice to be back .....