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5 months ago
Please I need help identifying my painting. Artist name too hard to figure out. I'm new here so pls forgive me if I am not very savvy with this. Just need people who might have tips and/or tools for me to use.
I'm told historic conversation seems it is pretty special.
Thank you.
5 months ago
Of course, I'd be happy to help you identify your painting. The first step in identifying a painting is to carefully examine the artwork for any signatures, labels, or inscriptions that might provide clues about the artist. You can also look for any markings on the back of the canvas or frame.

If the artist's name is difficult to decipher, you might consider taking high-quality photographs of the painting and any relevant details, such as signatures, and using them to conduct a reverse image search online. This can sometimes lead to information about the artist or similar artworks.